Thomas Brotz

Thomas Brotz

Director of Programming and Statistics

With an impressive 26-year career spanning the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Contract Research Organization (CRO), and Healthcare sectors, Mr. Brotz is a distinguished expert in Statistical Analysis Programming. His wealth of experience extends to managing large-scale projects and leading extensive teams both onshore and offshore.

One of Mr. Brotz’s notable achievements is his involvement in multiple FDA submissions, highlighting his exceptional understanding of regulatory requirements and standards crucial in these industries. His track record reflects a commitment to excellence and a dedication to ensuring the highest quality in his work.

Before joining the TruMinds team, Mr. Brotz made significant contributions to the field while working with renowned organizations such as Covance, Chiltern, Astellas, and Fujisawa Healthcare. He holds a master’s in arts, showcasing his dedication to continuous learning and academic excellence. Additionally, he has earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the prestigious University of Kentucky, a testament to his intellectual prowess and commitment to advancing knowledge. Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Brotz possesses a deep passion for music. He finds solace and joy in playing the piano, a pursuit that not only showcases his artistic side but also underscores the importance of a well-rounded life.